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How to Say You in Russian

Click on the play button below to hear how to say You in Russian. Pay particular attention to the two different versions of this word in Russian. If you are addressing someone who is older than you, or that you do not know closely, you should always use the formal version. It's also the version to use when addressing two or more people as "you". The informal version can be used with friends and in casual situations with people younger than you (including children.)

For a more detailed explanation of Russian pronouns, including the various forms of the Russian word for you and your, visit our Russian Grammar section here.

You (informal)

You (formal and plural)

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The Russian word for You is one of the many important words that you need to get started in Russian.

Learning to speak Russian is fun and exciting, although it certainly can seem challenging at first. To make things easier, and to help you learn the specific words and phrases that you need in a relationship, we have developed the Russian Audio Course for Lovers - an interactive audio course packed with hours of comprehensive content, and tailored specifically for men and women...

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