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Ukrainian Names

Ukrainian names function in a similar way to Russian names. They consist of a first name, a middle name (patronymic name), and a surname, but there are a few key variations.

First names

The first names are very similar to names found in Russia. (See here for common Ukrainian girls names and Ukrainian boys names.)

Patronymic names

Patronymic names function the same as Russian ones, except that for girls, the patronymic ending is -ivna rather than -ovna or -evna. For information on how to form the patronymic name, and in what situations you need to use them, refer to our page on patronymic names.


In contrast to Russian surnames, Ukrainian surnames do not vary in endings for male and female members of the family. Generally, all use the same surname.

Surnames that are Ukrainian in origin have some very common endings - see our page on Ukrainian surnames for common examples.


Ukrainian nicknames are very popular for girls, and less so for boys. For common nicknames, and for information on how and when to use them, see our page on Russian nicknames.

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