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Speaking to a Russian Man

Speaking to a Russian man can be challenging if he doesn't speak English well and you don't speak Russian.

Of course, the communication challenge of Russian dating will vary for everyone. It depends on your own unique situation. For the majority of people who are involved with Russian dating, the communication challenge is a major one because their Russian partner does not speak fluent English.

If you're interested in meeting a Russian man (from Russia), the chances that he speaks perfect English are about 10%. Most Russian men only speak a little English (unless of course you've met them in your own country where they now live and work.)

What's so challenging about speaking to a Russian man?

A language is a system of communicating. It comprises not only words, but also gestures and commonly understood actions. For instance, most people in the world nod their head up and down as a signal for "yes". In some countries, it actually means "no", and the side to side head wobble is used in some places instead.

In Russian society, there are more subtle differences. Obviously the language is different, but there are many other things as well.

For example, imagine you are sitting down at the dinner table. You ask someone to pass you the salt, or some ketchup. They do... and you say "Thanks". Well in Russia, they don't usually say "thanks" for such small favours, as they consider it polite to look out for each other like this always. To some of you this might seem rude, but to a Russian it isn't.

So, you need to start to think about little things like this if you are speaking to a Russian man, especially in a relationship.

Keep in mind that your culture and his are different, and there is more chance of a misunderstanding.

How to overcome the language barrier

The best way to overcome the cultural and language challenges that exist in dating a Russian man is to learn his language - Russian.

Not only will you be able to speak about more indepth issues, but you'll also begin to understand how Russian people think, and how they interact with one another. At the end of the day, the more you can understand about your Russian partner... the better chance you have of a successful and long-lasting relationship.

The Russian Course for Women
To help you overcome the language barrier, we've developed the Russian Course for Women.

This is the only Russian course designed specifically for women who are dating Russian men, and its special focus on romantic relationships will help you to take a short-cut in learning the key phrases and topics that you really need.

Click here for a complete review of the Russian Course for Women.

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