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Spanish to Russian Translation

This page is preset for Spanish to Russian Translation. Save to your favorites, and scroll down for instructions.

How to Use Translation Tool

1. Type, paste or drag-n-drop Spanish text in the "Original Text" window.
2. Spell check text (click on "Spell All" (abc) button) for best translation result. For unreadable Russian text use the Decode button.
3. Click on "Translate" button.
4. Check the "Back" translation option to get the reverse translation.
5. Use the "Transliterate" option to display Russian in Latin characters.
Note: The "back translation" doesn't always generate the original text due to the asymmetric sentence structure and word meaning in different languages.

Special Features

Virtual Keyboard
- To type using virtual keyboard, click the "Keyboard" button to right of spell check button.

Online Dictionary
- To use the online dictionary, click the "Dictionary" button to left of spell check button.

- To email the translated text, click on the "eMail All" button and follow instructions in the pop-up window.

Listen to translated words
- To hear words spoken in either language, click on the megaphone that appears after translation is complete.

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