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Russian Word List 1 - (Vocab 3)

In this section we look at common Russian word lists. The words are listed in English alphabetical order for convenience. Use the index below to navigate between each of the word list, or simply scroll down to see and hear all of the words. To listen, press the play button next to each word

(Please note - If you have a slow internet connection, it may take some time to load all of the audio files on this page. Thanks for your patience.)

Russian Word List - INDEX

Star Signs

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Days Russian Word Lists

Monday Понедельник 

Tuesday Вторник   

Wednesday Среда 

Thursday Четверг   

Friday Пятница 

Saturday Суббота   

Sunday Воскресенье 

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January Январь  

February Февраль 

March Март   

April Апрель 

May Май 

June Июнь 

July Июль 

August Август   

September Сентябрь  

October Октябрь 

November Ноябрь 

December Декабрь 

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Seasons Russian Word Lists
Summer Лето 

Fall (Autumn) Осень 

Winter Зима  

Spring Весна   

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Star Signs Russian Word Lists
Aries Овен 

Taurus Телец   

Gemini Близнецы 

Cancer Рак 

Leo Лев 

Virgo Дева   

Libra Весы 

Scorpio Скорпион 

Sagittarius Стрелец 

Capricorn Козерог 

Aquarius Водолей  

Pisces Рыбы   

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Russian Colors Russian Word Lists
Black Чёрный 

Blue (dark blue)

(light blue)


Brown Коричневый 

Gray Серый 

Green Зелёный 

Orange Оранжевый 

Pink Розовый 

Purple Фиолетовый

Red Красный 

White Белый 

Yellow Жёлтый 

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North Север 

South Юг 

East Восток 

West Запад 

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Circle Круг 

Oval Овал 

Rectangle Прямоугольник 

Semi-Circle Полукруг 

Square Квадрат 

Triangle Треугольник 

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