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Russian Word List 3 - (Vocab 5)

In this section we look at common Russian word list 3. The words are listed in English alphabetical order for convenience. Use the index below to navigate between each of the word list, or simply scroll down to see and hear all of the words. To listen, press the play button next to each word

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Russian Word List 3 - INDEX

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Body Russian Word Lists
Arm Рука 

Back Спина 

Body Тело 

Chest Грудь 

Ears Уши   

Eyes Глаза 

Face Лицо 

Finger Палец 

Foot Ступня 

Hair Волосы 

Head Голова 

Heart Сердце 

Knee Колено 

Leg Нога 

Lips Губы 

Mouth Рот 

Muscle Мускул 

Neck Шея 

Nose Нос 

Skin Кожа 

Teeth Зубы 

Tongue Язык 

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Home & Contents Russian Word Lists
Apartment Квартира   

Bathroom Ванная 

Bedroom Спальная 

Car Машина 

Chair Стул   

Clock Часы 

Couch Диван   

Door Дверь 

Furniture Мебель   

House Дом 

Room Комната 

Table Стол   

Telephone Телефон 

Television Телевизор 

Wardrobe Шкаф 

Window Окно 

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Food & Drink Russian Word Lists
Apple Яблоко 

Banana Банан 

Beer Пиво 

Bread Хлеб 

Butter Масло 

Cake Торт 

Carrot Морковь 

Cheese Сыр 

Chocolate Шоколад 

Coffee Кофе 

Dessert Десерт 

Eggs Яйца 

Entree Закуска 

Food Еда 

Fruit Фрукты 

Juice Сок 

Meat Мясо 

Milk Молоко 

Sugar Сахар 

Tea Чай 

Vegetables Овощи 

Vodka Водка 

Wine Вино   

Yogurt Йогурт 

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Cup Чашка 

Fork Вилка 

Frypan Сковорода 

Knife Нож 

Oven Духовка 

Plate Тарелка 

Refrigerator Холодильник 

Saucepan Кастрюля 

Saucer Блюдце 

Spoon Ложка   

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