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Why are Russian women looking for husbands abroad?

Why are Russian women looking for husbands abroad? There are many theories (and indeed rumours), but when it comes to the truth about Russian women looking for love and marriage abroad, it is very simple.

Russian women (like women all over the world) are searching for the right man for them. They want to find love, to be married, and to create a family with the one man who will make them happy. That's it.

Yes, some of the rumours are true... There have been cases of Russian women looking for husbands abroad purely as a "ticket to a new life". And once arrived, they leave the man who made it possible for them. There are also cases of women who are not really looking for a husband, but merely someone to scam for money. These unfortunate events still take place, but it is only in a very, very small number of cases. And thankfully, the Russian dating industry is slowly improving in its integrity and the methods employed to get rid of scammers altogether. (Click here to find out how to avoid being scammed.)

But why "abroad" and not in their homeland?

There is no one answer as to why some women would prefer a foreign husband over one from their own country. Just as there could be many reasons why you are interested in Russian women. Also, the number of Russian women who are actively seeking a husband abroad is very much a minority in their homeland. Many Russian women have no desire to live abroad - in fact they are very patriotic and love their country very much.

Among the many factors which persuade a Russian woman to look for husbands abroad are:

  • She may have heard that foreign men are more romantic and caring than men in their own country.
  • She may have had bad experiences with men in their own country, particularly with alcoholism.
  • Historically, after WW2, there were millions of Russian men killed and women far outnumbered the men.
  • She may desire to live in another country if it will provide her future children and family with a better life than she can provide in her homeland.
  • The introduction of the internet has opened up the possibility for a Russian woman to meet men from anywhere in the world, (including her own country), and it is merely one of the many ways in which she is trying to find her man!

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