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Characteristics of a Russian Woman

What make a Russian Woman truly 'Russian'? That's a very good question! It's also a very important one. If you really want to be successful with a woman who is Russian, the answer to that question is something that you simply must know.

Priorities of Russian Women

The vast majority of Russian women have three priorities in life (in this order):

  1. To find the right man and have a wonderful, happy marriage with him.
  2. To have children, and ensure they are happy and healthy.
  3. To be engaged in fulfilling work.

Ok, that sounds simple enough. But what does this mean in reality?

A typical Russian woman...

  • Wants to fall in love with the perfect man more than anything else in her life. When you see dating profiles that talk about "creating a family", this is what she means. Russian society judges women as failures if they are not successful in finding love. Usually this means if a Russian woman is still single in her mid-to-late twenties!

  • Wants to have children and have a happy family life. Russian women have very strong ideas about raising children well, and ensuring they are happy, and healthy. She also has strong views about raising boys to be men, and girls to be women. This means she won't pamper her sons like some women do in other cultures.

  • Cares about her appearance, and always wants to look her best. It's important to her that she feels (and appears) attractive, not only for her own satisfaction, but also so that she will be the best wife for her husband.

  • Wants to be in a relationship where she and her husband do everything together. Russian couples act as "couples", and this is a very important point for anyone from a western culture who is used to women acting independently. Russian relationships are different, and you need to be aware that she will expect you to be her "other half" in every respect.

  • Is intelligent and hard-working. However, love and family will always come first, before a career, for the overwhelming majority of Russian women.

  • Is used to men who "take charge" in the relationship and care for her as a tender, delicate woman. She is used to men paying for her on outings, opening the door for her, helping her with her coat, and many other small, but important ways that show her you love her, and make her feel special and loved always.

Are all Russian girls the same?

No, not all Russian girls are the same, but there are many qualities (such as those above) that make them different to women in your country.

In addition to that, Russian relationships are also very different. If your approach to dating a Russian girl is the same as you would normally do it in your own country, then you're in for some very big, painful (and expensive) lessons!! But don't stress... Success with Russian women doesn't come easily, but it can be yours very quickly if you do it right.

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