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Russian Wedding Ring

Traditional Russian Wedding RingsRussian Wedding Rings are usually gold bands. Traditionally, the rings for the bride and groom were identical, varying only for size. Nowadays, the woman's ring can be of any shape, although the band is still the most common, and the ring is usually without a gemstone. You may also see a tri-band gold ring that some people refer to as Russian, but this is not a traditional ring in Russian marriages.

Which Hand?

Orthodox wedding rings are always worn on the RIGHT hand. Don't be upset if you see a photo of your Russian girlfriend with a ring on her left hand! This is most certainly not a wedding ring! If you marry a Russian woman and she comes to live in your country, she may be more comfortable wearing the wedding ring on her left hand (if that is the custom in your country). However, in Russia, or other countries from the Former Soviet Union, the ring is always worn on the right hand.

Engagement Rings

In Russia, it was not customary to wear, or give, diamond rings for an engagement. Occasionally, a gold ring with a gem of any kind might be given, but it was not the norm. However, today, Russian women are aware that this is traditional in the West, and will certainly be very pleased to receive one!

How to Buy a Russian Wedding Ring

There are two ways to buy wedding and engagement rings. Firstly, you can buy a ready-made ring from a recommended jewelry store. And secondly, you can buy your own diamonds and have them set into a ring by a qualified jeweler.

The second method (buying a diamond and getting it set for you) can work out much cheaper. Make sure that you buy the diamond from a registered wholesaler, and remember that the diamond must always come with a certificate of authenticity. If you are dealing with someone who says otherwise, walk away! It's not worth the risk. If you do want to investigate this option we recommend Discount Gold and Diamonds.

For most of us, it's much easier to find a ready-made ring in a style that suits you best. You can always try your local jewelry stores, to get a good idea of styles (and sizes) that are suitable. For a much greater range, we recommended Elite Jewels. Here are just a few of their exquisite range:

5 Diamond Stylish Platinum and 18 Karat Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band

24 Diamond Platinum and 18 Karat Gold Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Designer 18 Karat Yellow Gold SPINNING Diamond Wedding Band

147 Diamond Platinum Comfort Fit Wedding Band

14 Karat Diamond Yellow Gold Mystere Ring

Ladies Designer Yellow Gold Princess Cut Unique Diamond Ring

Unique Idea for Your Wedding Band

If you're looking to make your Russian wedding ring really special, you could consider having it engraved. What is more romantic than looking inside of your wedding band and seeing a personalized engraving with special meaning for you and your spouse?

Traditional engraving is done by hand and the result depends on the skill of the engraver. Nowadays, however, the adancement in technology has created a new process called laser engraving. Laser engraving has resulted in a massive improvement in engraving techniques, and wedding bands are now being created with entire messages that are clearly readable and up to 225 characters long.

You can engrave whole passages - such as your own wedding vows or your favorite love poem - on the inside of the ring. This sentimental and romantic addition to your Russian wedding ring can forever be a reminder of the commitments made, and add a special and unique touch to your wedding day. To try this for yourself, visit Wedding Vow Rings.

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