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Russian Sayings

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The term Russian Sayings refers to common everyday phrases used in the Russian language. Just as English speakers have some typical expressions that have developed over time, so too do the Russians.

Culture, climate, and historical events all take their part in shaping the thoughts (and words) of a nation. There are many Russian expressions, and they will vary from place to place. But here we have included some of the most common.

When translated directly to English, some of these expressions might seem a little odd. That's when you need to think a little deeper. Just because it sounds weird in English, doesn't mean it is, ok!

Look for the underlying meaning behind these sayings and you will begin to broaden your understanding of the Russian culture. And hopefully, it will help you to understand your Russian Woman a lot better as well.

The tables below are an excerpt from The Russian Phrase Book for Lovers, which is a fantastic guide to conversations in Russian. Click here to get your copy of the phrase book.

Typical Russian Sayings
Common Russian Expressions

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