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Russian Phrases - Vocabulary 2

In this section we look at common Russian phrases. You will see here basic phrases that are needed for everyday use as well as some important occasions. The phrases are listed in English alphabetical order for convenience. To listen, press the play button next to each phrase

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Russian Phrase

Bless You Будь здоров!
(bood’ zda-rof)

Cheers - To our health! (The most common Russian toast)

To love!

To happiness!

На здоровье
(na zda-rov’-ye)

За любовь
(za lyoo-bov’)

За счастье 
za schast’-ye)


I congratulate you!

Поздравляю тебя 
(pa-zdra-vlya-yoo ti-bya)

Do You Speak English? Вы говорите по-английски? 
(viy ga-va-ree-tye pa-an-gleey-ski)

Excuse Me (formal)

Excuse me (informal)



Good Day

Welcome! (eg. said by shopkeeper to customers)
Добрый день
(do-briy dyen)

Добро пожаловать!
(da-bro pa-zha-la-vat’)

Good Evening Добрый вечер
(do-briy vye-chir)

Good Luck Удачи

Good Morning Доброе утро
(do-bra-ye oo-tra)

Good Night

Sleep well
("have a peaceful night")

Sweet dreams
Доброй ночи
(do-bray no-chi)

Спокойной ночи
(spa-koy-nay no-chi)

Сладких снов
(slad-kikh snof)

Happy Birthday

Congratulations for your birthday!
С днём рождения!
(z dnyom razh-dye-ni-ya)

Поздравляю с днём рождения!
(pa-zdra-vlya-yoo z dnyom razh-dye-ni-ya)

Happy Easter
("Christ is Risen")

Reply - "Yes Christ is Risen!"
Христос Воскресе 
(hri-stos vas-kri-sye)

Воистину Воскресе 
(va-ee-sti-noo vas-kri-sye)

Happy Holidays С праздником 

Happy New Year

Congratulations for New Year!
С Новым Годом!
(s no-vim go-dam)

Поздравляю с Новым Годом!
(pa-zdra-vlya-yoo s no-vim go-dam)

Happy Valentines Day Поздравляю тебя с днём Святого Валентина!
(pa-zdra-vlya-yoo ti-bya z dnyom svi-to-va va-lin-tee-na)

Happy Womens Day

Happy 8th of March! (Women's Day)
Поздравляю тебя с днём женщин!
(pa-zdra-vlya-yoo ti-bya z dnyom zhyen-shchin)

С восьмым марта!
(s vas-miym mar-ta)


Help Me!


I Can
Verb: "To be able to"

I Can


Я могу
(ya ma-goo)

I Can't Я не могу 
(ye nye ma-goo)

I Don't Know
Verb: "To know"

I don't know


Я не знаю
(ya nye zna-yoo)

I Don't Remember
Verb: "To remember"

I don't remember


Я не помню
(ya nye pom-nyoo)

I Don't Speak Russian Я не говорю по-русски 
(ya nye ga-va-ryoo pa-roo-ski)

I Don't Understand
Verb: "To understand"

I don't understand


Я не понимаю
(ya nye pa-ni-ma-yoo)

I Don't Want
Verb: "To want"

I don't want


Я не хочу 
(ya nye ha-choo)

I Know
Verb: "To know"

I know


Я знаю
(ya zna-yoo)

I Like You Ты мне нравишься
(tiy mnye nra-vish-sya)

I Love You Я тебя люблю
(ya ti-bya lyoo-blyoo)

I Miss You Я скучаю по тебе
(ya skoo-cha-yoo po ti-bye)

I Remember
Verb: "To remember"

I remember


Я помню
(ya pom-nyoo)

I Understand
Verb: "To understand"

I understand


Я понимаю
(ya pa-ni-ma-yoo)

I Want
Verb: "To want"

I want


Я хочу 
(ya ha-choo)

I Want You Я хочу тебя 
(ya ha-choo ti-bya)

Kiss Me

Kiss You!
(eg. at end of letter or phone call)
Поцелуй меня 
(pa-tsi-looy min-ya)


Merry Christmas С Рождеством (Христовым)!
(s razh-dye-stvom hri-sto-viym)

No Problem Нормально 

Once Upon a Time Давным-давно 
(dav-niym dav-no)

Sorry / forgive me

Sorry / forgive me



The End / End Конец 

Well Done! Молодец 

Will You Marry Me?
(man to woman)

Will you marry me?
(woman to man)
Ты выйдешь за меня замуж?
tiy viy-dish' za min-ya za-moozh)

Женись на мне?
(zhi-nees’ na mnye)

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