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The Russian Phrase Book for Lovers

Hi there,

My name is Steve Galvin. I am the creator of Russian Language for Lovers.

The Russian Phrase Book for Lovers was our very first product, created to provide assistance with phrases for romantic relationships, as well as providing a convenient and useful collection of vocabulary and grammar tables.

This phrase book has now been superseded by our audio courses. So, if you are interested in learning Russian specifically for romantic relationships, I would recommend that you now refer to these language courses, which go far beyond the content contained in this phrase book.

> The Russian Course for Men

> The Russian Course for Women

However, the phrase book is still quite a useful addition if you would like to have a convenient phrase guide filled with excellent word lists and grammar tables for easy reference.

This vocabulary and the grammar guides can be found across the hundreds of pages of our website, but we wanted to provide a user-friendly option for those of you who would like access to all of that in the one place.

About the Phrase Book

The phrase book is an electronic pdf file. In other words, there is no actual "book" to be sent to you... it is a file that you download to your computer and then print out if you wish.

We have formatted this file so that each printed page contains 4 smaller "pocket book" sized pages. The intention is that you can cut and bind the book together into an actual pocket-sized phrase book for your own convenient use. (All instructions for how to do this are included in the first few pages of the book itself.)

This phrasebook includes...

  • Initial meetings with a Russian-speaker, including the basics of saying hello and introducing yourself.

  • Important words, phrases and questions, from yes, no, please and thankyou, through to asking for help and directions.

  • A guide to Russian nicknames including a list of common terms of affection used in Russia.

  • An in-depth vocabulary section, including country names, professions, items of clothing, places of interest, business terms, numbers, and more.

  • A guide to Russian verbs and how to use them, including a list of the most useful verbs for day to day conversation.

  • A guide to each of the six Russian cases, with convenient summary tables to help you determine the correct word endings to use.

Table of Contents

Russian phrase book
  • The Russian Alphabet
  • First Words - Greetings
  • First Words - Introductions
  • First Words - Common Questions
  • Basic Phrases - The Essentials
  • Basic Phrases - Getting Around
  • Basic Phrases - Everyday Situations
  • Basic Phrases - Russian Sayings
  • Love Phrases - Getting Acquainted
  • Love Phrases - New Relationships
  • Love Phrases - Serious Relationships
  • Love Phrases - Compliments
  • Love Phrases - Nicknames
  • Vocabulary - Essential Words
    • Family
    • Clothes
    • Home & Contents
    • Kitchen
    • Food
    • Animals
    • Nature
    • Body Parts
    • Medical Terms
    • Professions
    • Places of Interest
    • Countries
    • Days & Months
    • Star Signs
    • Seasons
    • Shapes
    • How Often?
    • How much? / How many?
    • When?
    • Technical Terms
    • Business Terms
    • Reading & Writing
    • Conjunctions
    • Adjectives - Important Pairs
    • Adjectives - Colors
    • Adjectives - Emotions
    • Adjectives - Physical Attributes
    • Adjectives - Non-physical Attributes
  • Vocabulary - Numbers
  • Grammar - Verbs
  • Grammar - Cases
  • Phonetics Guide
  • Transliteration Guide

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Customer Service

If you have any questions about this phrase book, or any technical issues you need assistance, please email me using the contact form here. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and I am happy to help with any queries you may have.

Until then,

Best wishes and good luck with your Russian!


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