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Russian Phonetics

Russian Phonetics is the description of the sound of a word - in this case, describing English sounds to teach you how to correctly pronounce Russian words.

Throughout our site, you'll notice that we have added in a phonetics guide, to clearly show you how to say each word. These phonetic explanations go go hand-in-hand with the Russian pronunciation rules, so if you think a word sounds unusual compared to its spelling, check the pronunciation rules to confirm why.

While studying Russian, you will probably see a few different versions of phonetics. This is simply due to different variations of people's opinion on how to write the sounds in English. We have tried to give the most clear, easy-to-understand format, that ties in to the pronunciation rules.

Please refer to the guide below to see how we have written the phonetics. We hope this will help your understanding of both the sound, and the language structure.

Guide to Russian Phonetics used at Russian-language-for-lovers.com

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