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What are Russian Men Like in Relationships?

In this article, we look at what Russian men like, and what they are used to in relationships.

In the previous article - How Russian men behave - we looked at some common ways that Russian men show their affection for the women in their lives... with flowers, and many other thoughtful acts of chivalry.

Now, we look at a very important element of Russian relationships... a concept which is best described as a sense of 'togetherness'.

What is 'Togetherness'?

Togetherness refers to the fact that in Russian relationships, the man and woman always act as a couple.

They do things together often... Whether it be going to the cinema, to a concert, or for a trip to the seaside. They also go walking or cycling together, or for a trip to pick wild mushrooms and berries, which they will cook together afterwards.

In many other cultures, it is very common for men to spend time playing golf, or going out for a beer with their friends while his wife goes out on 'girls nights', or shopping. In Russian society, some time apart is also common (and a good idea), but in general, most couples will organise the majority of their social outings together, as a couple.

A typical Russian person cannot relate to the highly independent nature of some Western marriages, where husband and wife know little about each others' jobs and friends, for instance. As a simple example of this... many Russian couples will speak to each other multiple times on the telephone every day while they are at work.

Naturally, there are many unhappy families and unsuccessful marriages in Russia also. But this notion of 'togetherness' is their ultimate ideal of how married couples are meant to be.

Why is it important?

We don't mean to say that Russian relationships are any better, or any worse, than relationships of any other culture. Everyone is unique, and your Russian partner may or may not not fit this 'Russian' stereotype.

The purpose of this article is merely to point out an important aspect that is typical in Russian relationships. It should give you a bit more of an insight into what Russian men like, or at least what they are used to in their relationships... And hopefully, this helps you to enjoy a better relationship with your Russian partner!

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