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How Russian Men Dress

In this article, we look at how Russian men dress, as well as some important points relating to the way Russians behave in public.

Dress Sense in Russia

Dress sense is very important to all Russian people. This is especially true for Russian women, but also for men. The most important point we can make here is that t-shirts and shorts are almost never appropriate in public! (Except for the beach of course.)

Even denim jeans are considered to be too casual, and many Russian people would never consider wearing them in public. They are much more common nowadays, but they are certainly not appropriate if you are going out to a nice restaurant or to the theatre, for example.

Most Russian men dress in long trousers, with a button-up shirt and nice shoes. For most Russians, it is not important for your clothes to be designer labels, but they should be nice in appearance.

Dark clothes, especially grey or black, are also very common.

Some Common Etiquette in Russian Society

Every culture has some common behaviours that are generally considered to be polite, or appropriate, in public situations. In Russian society, for instance, the following are some important points to note:

  • Most well-mannered Russians don't sit on the ground. While it is common in many other countries to sit on the grass, or on a cement step or ledge, this is not the done thing in Russia. Russians will not be pleased if they see someone sitting on the dirty ground, who then sits down on a seat on the train or bus, for instance. In some cities it is actually forbidden to sit on the grass in parks, and you can receive a fine for doing so.

  • Another interesting example is the common occurrence that happens when you go to the cinema or theatre. If you are walking to your seat and you need to walk in front of another person who is already seated in your row, you should always pass them with your front facing towards them. It is not nice for a seated person to have your backside pass in front of their face!

  • Russians also take great pride in their general presentation in public, which is why they also frown upon simple behaviours such as scratching any part of their body, blowing their nose without a handkerchief, standing with their hands in their pockets, and littering.

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