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Russian Marriage

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Marriage is a challenge. But are you ready for a Russian Marriage??

In this section we take an inside look at what takes place when Russians get married. Whether you are a man dating a Russian woman, or a woman dating a Russian man, or you've just been invited to a Russian wedding... this section will give you a great insight into the fantastic celebrations and traditions that take place.

If you are lucky enough to have a Russian wedding of your own, you can be sure that it will be one of the most amazing experiences in your life!

Overview of Russian Marriages

Part One - Engagement

Part Two - The Wedding

Part Three - Married Life


Naturally, the first step in a Russian marriage, is the proposal. Once you have found the right person, and you are ready to share your life together, it is time to "pop the question"!

In Russian society, engagement is not traditionally a big event like it is in the West. It is not customary to give an engagement ring, nor to have an engagement party. And you will certainly not be expected to have a long engagement. However, nowadays, engagement traditions from the West are more and more common in Russia, and it is up to the individual couple as to how they wish to celebrate their engagement. Certainly, no Russian woman will be upset if she receives an engagement ring!

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The Wedding

Assuming that the proposal was met with a "YES!", the next step is to plan the wedding. In Russia, this normally takes place within 3-6 months of your proposal at most.

A Russian Wedding consists of a formal ceremony, and then a celebration which usually goes for two to three days. At the wedding, the bride and groom exchange rings and their union is watched over by their 'witnesses'. In modern times, many couples also opt for an Orthodox wedding ceremony in a church.

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Married Life

Your life together as a married couple begins after the wedding celebrations are over. You will have many challenges to face - settling down together in a new home (and a new country for one of you), getting to know your in-laws, and of course, the challenge of becoming fluent in Russian. (Well, you have a head start on that one now that you have found our site!)

For more information about succeeding in marriage with a Russian woman, read the Russian dating guide How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me.

And finally, read about the traditional celebrations for Russian wedding anniversaries! These unique celebrations will give you a great insight into the exciting times the lie ahead in a Russian marriage!

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