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Characteristics of a Russian Man

So what are the typical characteristics of a Russian man? If you're a woman who is interested in Russian men, the answer to this question should help you to enjoy a happier relationship with a man who is 'Russian'.

If you're a man dating Russian women, the answer to this question should also help you to understand how Russian relationships work, and what Russian women are used to.

A typical Russian man...

One of the main features of Russian men is generosity. It is a feature of Russian culture that applies equally in respect to men and women. For many reasons (including the vast size of their country, which has resulted in many invasions and attacks across thousands of years), Russian people are not as individualistic as Westerners. They have a long history of looking out for their family, their neighbours and their countrymen. Hence, the needs of the group are the most important aspect of life for Russians. No matter how rich or poor they are, Russian people always look out for those who are dear to them. For example...

  • A Russian man will happily take care of his wife’s parents, any children she has from previous relationships, and any of her relatives who are sick or simply in need of some assistance (financial or otherwise). He would usually do so happily, and you would not hear him complain to his wife about it.

  • Russian men will organize logistical things, such as picking up and dropping off family and friends from the train station or airport.

  • If a woman needs help with fixing something in the home, or buying a new car, for instance, a Russian man would arrange it. She only needs to mention to him “I’m thinking of buying a new car” and he takes this as his signal to do all that he can to help her. He would ask around at car-yards, take her for test-drives, and find a good deal for her.

  • If someone asks for money, Russian men will always help without question. Whether it is to pay for medical bills, to send his mother-in-law to a resort, or to help out a friend who is short of money. It is the usual thing in Russian society for men to take care of their family, friends, and relatives.

  • Generally, Russian men do not ask their women how much money they spent when they go shopping, and certainly they do not ask their wives to prove it with receipts! They happily give money to their wives and they trust them to spend it in the way they see most appropriate.

  • You will rarely find a Russian man who, after inviting a lady out for dinner in a restaurant, will sit there calculating how much the bill should be. A Russian man would be ashamed if someone saw him feeling bad about money or how much he could afford for a dinner. He has a generous nature, so if he invites a lady out somewhere he will pay happily because he wants to show her a nice time.

  • A typical Russian man always wants to have the best. He wants to have a better car and a better house than anyone else he knows. So, he also likes to pay for guests and put on a show to demonstrate that he is successful and generous.

These are some typical examples of the generous nature of Russian men. You will find further information in the specific articles listed at the bottom of this page.

What problems do Russian men have?

Russian society is not perfect, and indeed many Russian men suffer from alcoholism. It is one of the main reasons for divorce in Russian society. Interestingly, it isn't really a problem with women in Russia, only with men. This is also a cause of other problems such as physical abuse and violence.

In some Russian households, men refuse to help with domestic duties like cooking and cleaning, and they can be somewhat less involved in the raising of children than men in Western countries. For example, helping children with their homework, or going to parent-teacher evenings at school... Many men are not interested in doing this. (Of course this does not apply to all men, only some.)

Russian men are, however, very much the providers for their wives and children, and they take care of any problems with the house, the car, and the garden.

All Russian men are different

Naturally, everyone is unique and some of these qualities will vary from person to person. In general, however, these characteristics should help you to form a clearer picture of a typical Russian man.

One of the keys to any successful relationship is of course communication. While this issue is a little more challenging when your partner speaks another language, it is something that you can (and should) overcome.

To help you succeed with Russian men, and enjoy a happy and loving relationship with the man who is right for you, we've developed the Russian Course for Women. It's the only Russian course designed specifically for women who are dating Russian men.

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