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Russian Lesson 6

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Answers to Russian Lesson 5

Russian Lesson 6 - Likes and Dislikes

In this lesson we discuss likes and dislikes. This will give you a basic outline for talking about your own preferences, as well as asking someone else about theirs.

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Russian Lesson 6

Examples lesson 6

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Word Endings
- In today's vocabulary, you will notice that the Russian word for "favorite" changes it's ending in the examples 'My favorite book is...' and 'My favorite color is...'. We will go into more detail in Lessons 11 and 12 about nouns and their endings, but for now, we want you to be aware of this concept. Russian grammar is ruled by word endings - they change depending on the gender of a noun, and also for quantity (singular or plural).

When you are ready for more detail, you can dive deeper into the rules of Russian grammar. For now though, you are on the right track... keep going and see how the grammar concepts begin to take effect.

Russian Lesson 6 - Quick Quiz

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