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Russian Lesson 2

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Answers to Russian Lesson 1

Russian Lesson 2 - Introductory Questions

In Lesson 1 you learned how to say hello, as well as a few other greetings that will get you through most situations.

Today you will build on this knowledge with the next logical step - asking some basic questions to the person you have just met.

Again, take special note that there are different ways to say these questions depending on whether this is a formal or informal situation. Use the formal version for anyone older than you or for people you do not know well. If you're not sure, always use the formal option, to avoid offending someone.

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Russian Lesson 2

Hot Tip

(1) Use the free tools available for you
- We have some great free tools available for you at the website, so make the most of them! If you haven't done so already, try out the translation tool. This tool allows you to translate text to and from Russian, and has many special features such as a virtual keyboard and online dictionary.

(2) Pronunciation Guide
- Print the pronunciation guide and add it to your study folder along with the alphabet. Referring to these two guides will help you understand how to pronounce Russian letters correctly.

Russian Lesson 2 - Quick Quiz

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