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Russian Lesson 12

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Answers to Russian Lesson 11

Russian Lesson 12 - Nouns (Part 2)

Continuing on from Lesson 11, today we look at describing nouns. Or in other words... adjectives! In particular, how the ending of an adjective changes depending on the gender of the noun it is describing.

You will need to know the nouns from yesterday to complete the quiz.

Note about Lesson 11 Answers

You will notice that a couple of the word endings for the answers to yesterday's lesson were different to what you were expecting!

Well, this is your first introduction to the concept of 'Cases'. There are six cases in the Russian language which serve the purpose of adding structure to a sentence. Word order in a sentence is not important in Russian. In fact, you can almost put the words in any order and it will still make sense to a Russian. This is because the six cases serve the purpose of telling you what is happening... who is doing what to whom!

For now, just be aware of this concept. When you are more advanced in your Russian skills, you can explore this concept further - (Read our grammar section on Russian cases.)

Without further ado, let's get straight into Russian Lesson 12...

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Russian Lesson 12

Hot Tip

Practice makes Perfect!
- You are doing great to get through all of the lessons so far... Well done! Keep going, and start making regular practice part of your daily routine. Get yourself a blank exercise book, or notepad, and write as often as you can. Just a few minutes every day will help you immensely!

Russian Lesson 12 - Quick Quiz

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