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Russian Language Test - The Final Exam!

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Answers to Russian Lesson 14


Congratulations on making it through to the Russian Language test for beginners!

Today's exam is a revision of all lessons 1-14. If you need to go back and revisit the lessons to help you with the exam, here are the links to the individual lessons:

Russian Lesson 1 - Initial Meeting and Saying Hello
Russian Lesson 2 - Introductory Questions
Russian Lesson 3 - Introducing Yourself
Russian Lesson 4 - Getting to Know Each Other
Russian Lesson 5 - Essential Russian Words (Part 1)
Russian Lesson 6 - Likes and Dislikes - Expressing Opinions
Russian Lesson 7 - Activities - Adding Action to Sentences
Russian Lesson 8 - Discussing Days, Months and Seasons
Russian Lesson 9 - Talking about Emotions
Russian Lesson 10 - Essential Russian Words (Part 2)
Russian Lesson 11 - Russian Nouns (Part 1)
Russian Lesson 12 - Russian Nouns (Part 2)
Russian Lesson 13 - Giving Compliments
Russian Lesson 14 - Saying I Love You!

Russian language test for beginners

Exam Answers

How did you go? Are you ready to see the answers?

Click here to see the exam answers.

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