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Russian Language Course for Beginners

Welcome to the Russian Language Course for Beginners!

Before You Get Started

Save this page to your favorites, so you can easily access each of the 14 lessons in this Russian language course for beginners.

How to Use This Course

Each of the 14 lessons contains written and audio versions so you can see and hear the phrases.

The Written Guide can be followed online, or printed out for easy reference. We strongly suggest that you print off the lesson every day and start building a study folder that you can add to, and refer back to, whenever you need it.

There is an Audio Guide to go with every lesson. Simply click on the play button to listen to it. You will hear the words and phrases first in English, and then the Russian equivalent is spoken twice, with a pause in between. This pause is there so that you can repeat the phrase aloud, which really helps you to learn and remember more quickly.

Course Index

Russian Lesson 1 - Initial Meeting and Saying Hello
Russian Lesson 2 - Introductory Questions
Russian Lesson 3 - Introducing Yourself
Russian Lesson 4 - Getting to Know Each Other
Russian Lesson 5 - Essential Russian Words (Part 1)
Russian Lesson 6 - Likes and Dislikes - Expressing Opinions
Russian Lesson 7 - Activities - Adding Action to Sentences
Russian Lesson 8 - Discussing Days, Months and Seasons
Russian Lesson 9 - Talking about Emotions
Russian Lesson 10 - Essential Russian Words (Part 2)
Russian Lesson 11 - Russian Nouns (Part 1)
Russian Lesson 12 - Russian Nouns (Part 2)
Russian Lesson 13 - Giving Compliments
Russian Lesson 14 - I Love You and Other Romantic Phrases
Russian Language Test - The Final Exam!

What Next?

When you've made it through the Russian Language Course for Beginners, you are ready for the next step. It's time to take your Russian to a whole new level.

If you are male - click here for our Russian Course for Men

If you are female - click here for our Russian Course for Women

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