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Russian Humor

Is there such a thing as Russian Humor?

Well, of course!

Hollywood might paint Russians out to be cold and unforgiving, but the reality is far from this. By gaining an insight into Russian humor, we hope to give you a common bond to share with your Russian partner, and in all your dealings with Russian people.

Recipe for Russian Comedy:

Russian humor - what are they laughing at?

1. Pour in a little history

2. Shake

3. Let it simmer...

Yes, one of the main themes you will come across in Russian jokes are historical events. Perhaps due to its turmoltuous history, (especially in the last century), Russians believe that if you can joke about something, then you have moved on from it. So, a good knowledge of Russian history and topical events will get you a long way.

Russian people joke about politics, the Government, corruption, policemen, poverty, their small salaries, being drunk, and many more. And, like you and I, they know how to 'banter' with each other and give joking insults!

Be careful that you do not offend your Russian partner, or any other Russian person for that matter, with the type of humor you are used to in your country. A Russian person may simply not understand your sarcasm, or wit, and might think common jokes to be vulgar and offensive.

Well, always remember, if you are light-hearted and give a sincere apology if something goes wrong, you will be fine. And if they are smiling and laughing too, then it's a good sign!!


An anecdote is a brief tale or story, often humorous, used to give an insight into life. Russians enjoy reading and telling anecdotes and often use them when sharing news or giving advice. Sometimes humorous, and sometimes not, it is another way in which you can connect and share understanding with Russian people.

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