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Russian Culture

Russian Culture - information, articles and interesting facts at Russian-language-for-lovers.com
Russian Culture is shrouded in mystery. In the Western world, the view of Russia is clouded by years of isolation, conflict... and Hollywood movies! The reality is far removed from this.

If you've ever looked at a map of Russia, and I mean really looked at a map of Russia, the first thing that will strike you is the sheer size of it. Russia is enormous! Ok, I know this is a section about culture, not geography, but it's a really important point to note. Throughout its history, Russia has had to protect its vast, vast borders from countless invasions. It has had to provide for its population, using resources from inside its borders, and it has had to survive in extremely cold, harsh winters. All of these factors have combined to make Russians one of the most hardy and nationalistic peoples on earth.

Overview of Russian Culture

So, what are the core features associated with being 'Russian'? What can you take from this that will help you in your relationships (romantic, business, or otherwise) with Russian people? What can you learn from Russian culture that will open your eyes to the real warmth that exists in Russian society?

We have outlined for you here a good selection of the major contributors to Russian culture. With so many ethnic groups making up the Russian population nowadays, your experiences will depend very much on where you are and with whom you associate, but you can be sure that the Russian persona has been very much influenced by the common issues outlined for you here.

A Definition of Culture

Official Culture

Historical Influences

Society and the Media

Strange and Unexplainable... It's Simply Russian!

A Definition of Culture

Culture can be defined in many ways, but the bottom line is that culture refers to the aspects of a country that make it unique. So, in this case, what makes Russia truly 'Russian'.

Culture is like a living organism - always growing and changing. From the State to the street, from the concert hall to the corner store, the culture of Russia is rich in history, tradition, and warmth. By taking a closer look, we hope you will begin to see the beauty and wonder of this amazing country and its people.

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Official Culture

Official Culture of Russia
At an official level, the culture of a country is determined by its government and legal system. In Russia, there has been much change in this area in recent years following the end of Soviet rule. The country continues to change and adapt, and only time will tell how these changes will affect Russian society.

At the heart of Russian culture is the notion that the country is greater than the individual. Largely due to the geographical fact that Russia is a huge country with a large border to protect, Russians have a strong sense of national pride, and national identity.

The official symbols of Russia also hint at this sense of nationalism - in particular:

(1) Russian Flag

(2) Russian National Anthem

(3) Emblem of Russia

(4) Russian Coat of Arms

(5) Other Russian symbols

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Historical Influences

Culture is affected by events that take place in a society. Significant events that change the face of a country forever. History is remembered by them, and culture is born from them. Aside from major events, such as wars, natural disasters, economic depressions, and political upheavals, culture can be influenced considerably by other, less obvious "historical influences".

In particular, the historical influences that are passed on from one generation to the next - traditions. Traditions in Russia are many and varied - see more information here about common Russian traditions. One of the prominent traditions is that of the Russian bath, or banya.

Another way that culture is passed on from one generation to the next is in the form of story-telling. As an outsider looking in, hearing these stories can open your mind to understanding the Russian people. We have compiled a selection of proverbs covering aspects of Russian society, from health and wealth, to love and marriage. See more on Russian proverbs.

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Russian Culture in Society and the Media

Russian culture in society and the Media
Everyday culture is shaped by the past, present and future trends in the fields of literature, music, film, theatre, art, sport, television and many more.

In modern society, culture is increasingly influenced by external inputs - ie. from other countries. Hollywood, for instance, has a huge impact, not only in Russia, but across most of the world.

Russia, however, has such a rich history of excellence in all of these areas, from famous authors, to Russian dance, to pioneers in science and sport. It's long history of isolation from the rest of the world has ensured that Russian culture continues to thrive.

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Simply 'Russian'!

Every culture has a side that is mysterious, intriguing, and outright bizarre! Russia is no exception. There's no other way to explain these next few topics, other than to say they are... Simply Russian!...

(1) Russian superstition

(2) Russian humor

(3) Matryoshka - Russian Dolls

(4) Ushanka - Russian Fur Hats

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