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The Russian Alphabet

Class is in Session - It is time to learn the Russian Alphabet!

Introducing the 33 sweet sounds of the Russian Alphabet!

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Once you've got the hang of these 33 letters, learning Russian will be much, much easier.When you can read the letters, and sound out a word, you are half-way there. (Well, almost...!)

The Cyrillic Alphabet was developed from Greek, with a few new letters for the Slavic sounds that did not exist in the Greek Language. Many of the sounds are the same as their English counterparts, but there are a few variations and a handful of tricky extras.

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Click play to hear the Russian Letter Names:

Click play to hear the Alphabet Sounds:

The Russian Alphabet

Special Comments

That's it! Well, ok, I know it's still a little daunting. There are a few letters where you'll need a bit of extra attention:


Here are a few common words to illustrate the sounds of Cyrillic letters.

Common examples to illustrate the sound of the Russian Alphabet

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