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Russian Affiliate Programs

This section - Russian Affiliate Programs - is for Webmasters and online Publishers looking for great ways to increase your website income. In our ongoing commitment to building profitable partnerships with you, we have a number of Russian affiliate programs on offer here at Russian-language-for-lovers.com.

- Join our affilate program below and start earning commissions today!

- Review the other best affiliate programs in our industry, and join those most appropriate for you.

The Russian Language for Lovers Affiliate Program

What is it?
Why should I join?
How much money can I earn?
How does it work?
How do I get started?
Affiliate Tips & Resources
Product Images & Banners
Additional Russian affiliate programs

**If you have any questions, or if we can help you in any way, please contact us using the email at bottom of this page.

What is it?

Want to earn great commissions from your website?

Join us and promote the great products offered by Russian Language for Lovers - the leading provider of Russian language products specifically designed for speaking Russian in relationships.

Our products are designed for a highly motivated target audience who face major challenges due to the language barrier in their relationships. Our Russian courses provide the much needed solution to this problem and our customers are extremely happy to have access to these products.

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Why should I join?

You will receive fantastic 65% commissions on all successful sales for customers that you have referred. It is FREE to join... all you have to do is place our special links on your site and every sale you refer will be tracked automatically.

The audience for these products is highly motivated and our products provide a huge benefit to help them overcome the language barrier in their relationships. Our products contain high quality content, and we are committed to providing an ever-expanding product range for our customers.

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How much money can I earn?

Your earning potential is limitless. You will receive fantastic 65% commissions on all successful sales. The more customers you refer, the more you will earn! Highly motivated customers and great commissions... it's as easy as that!

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How does it work?

Our products are sold via ClickBank, who are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. ClickBank are also the ones who will pay you!

You simply copy the special link provided by ClickBank and paste it on your website wherever you desire. If a customer clicks on your link and subsequently purchases the product, you will receive 65% commission. ClickBank processes all sales and automatically tracks the commissions. They make payments at regular times during the month, depending on how many sales you have made.

ClickBank provide wonderful guides to help you on all topics from getting started through to getting paid, so it makes everything very easy for you to get up and running easily and quickly.

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Get Started Now

If you are not yet a ClickBank affiliate, simply follow these steps to create your account and get the special link to promote our products from your website...

1. Join ClickBank (it's free).
2. Select "Marketplace" from the top menu
3. Type in "Russian Language Course for Lovers" in the search box and click search
4. Locate our product
5. Click the "Promote" button and follow the instructions in the pop-up window
6. Paste the special code into your website wherever you wish.

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Affiliate Tips and Resources

Who are the target market for this product?

The primary audience for this course are:
  • Male
  • Aged 25-55
  • Nationalities: US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand. (These are the main ones although there are many other nationalities as well.)
  • Interested in finding a Russian woman for marriage
  • **Very motivated to be successful and find love

What are the main challenges/problems this target market face?

The audience mentioned above face many challenges:
  • Long distance to travel in order to meet Russian women...
    • This involves considerable financial outlay for flights, accommodation and time away from work.
  • The language barrier...
    • Russian women speak very little English, and most men are shocked when they arrive in Russia or Ukraine to discover this. Their initial correspondence with these women is usually done via online dating agencies, whose interpreters are so fast and professional that the men assume conversation and communication will be that easy in person. The reality is far different.
    • Interpreters and dating agencies facilitate many of the meetings between Russian women and the men who come to meet them. This obviously creates many problems for men who realise that having a real relationship with the woman is going to be difficult (if not impossible) due to the inability to communicate. This is quite a painful experience for many men, especially after travelling half way around the world to meet them.
    • Even without the use of interpreters, the language barrier creates many misunderstandings that make a smooth enjoyable relationship difficult.
  • The cultural barrier...
    • Differences in culture and relationships create many problems for "Russian-American" relationships. This is true for people who are just new to dating and also for couples who are already married. Being able to communicate well is essential for being able to overcome these issues.
  • Worry about dating scams...
    • Russian dating has been tarnished by online dating scams, and despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Russian dating is legitimate and professional, many men are still worried about this. By being able to speak Russian, they take a huge step forward as they will no longer be relying 100% on a dating agency.

How will this product help them?

The Russian Course for Lovers will help the target audience learn the specific Russian that they need in all stages of their relationships with a Russian speaker. The main benefits to highlight in your promotions are:
  • Being able to speak Russian specifically in relationships
    • Avoid misunderstandings that can easily end their relationship
    • Avoid awkward silences and not having anything to talk about
    • Gives them confidence to focus on whether they actually like the person, rather than worrying about not being able to understand each other
  • Avoid relying on interpreters or dating agencies. This has many benefits:
    • It removes the fear of being scammed
    • It reduces the amount of money they have to spend on interpreters, which is quite expensive
    • It allows the couple to spend time alone without a 3rd person watching on!
  • Save time and money
    • Save money on interpreters
    • Don't waste thousands of dollars on a trip (or trips) to Russia/Ukraine if you cannot speak Russian
    • Save lots of time and money on Russian language resources that would only cover small portions of the comprehensive topics covered in our course.

How should I promote this product?

There are endless ways you can promote our courses. It's as simple as placing a link on your website. You can also use any of our banners (see below).

We also recommend the following great ways to promote our course:
  • Active promotion from your website/blog - explain how the course overcomes the main problems and challenges mentioned above.
  • PPC campaigns - we suggest targeting keywords related to:
    • Russian dating
    • Russian women
    • Russian woman
    • Russian girls
    • Russian brides
    • Russian lady
    • Russian ladies
    • Russian singles
    • Russian marriage
    • Russian wife
    • Ukraine/Ukrainian brides
    • Ukraine/Ukrainian dating
    • Ukraine/Ukrainian girls
  • Article marketing
  • Email marketing / autoresponders

**If you have any questions, or if we can help you in any way, please contact us using the email at bottom of this page.

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Product Images & Banners

Here are some product images and banners you can use on your site to help with your promotions. 

Product Image (250x250)

Product Image

Product Image

Banner 1 (728 x 90)

Banner 2 (468 x 60)

Banner 3 (250 x 250)

Banner 4 (160 x 320)

Banner 5 (120 x 240)

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Additional Russian Affiliate Programs

If you are looking for additional affiliate programs to promote, here are the leading Russian dating affiliate programs...

(1) Anastasia Date Affiliate Program

dating affiliate program

Overview - Anastasia Date is a huge online dating site specialising in meeting Russian women. It has been at the forefront of the Russian dating industry since it began. There are literally thousands of agencies across the Former Soviet Union that are linked to the Anastasia network, which means this site has the biggest selection of women to correspond with. Customer service is excellent, with men able to phone the girls, and the translation service is by far the quickest. They have recently introduced live video chat to their services as well. The affiliate program has been updated and is very easy to use. Plus there is a great choice of payouts, including lifetime commissions. Highly Recommended

Program Type
- 2 Tier

1st Tier Commission
- Choose either "per first order" program ($150-$250 per first credits sale) or "per each order" program (lifetime commissions up to $120 per credits ordered.)

2nd Tier Commission
- 10%

Ease of Use (Score out of 5)
- 5

Overall Score (out of 5)
- 5

Click here to Join Anastasia Date Affiliate Program

(2) Elenas Models Affiliate Program

Russian girls of model quality - Elenas Models -

Overview - Elenas Models is one of the leading online dating sites where Russian women are introduced to men from around the world. It has an excellent reputation for successful matches, and also in terms of their strong action to prevent dating scams. The service is very professional and the ability for men to obtain contact details of the women is much better than some other sites that charge extremely high fees. The affiliate program is easy to use, although the link and banner automation could be improved. The highlight, however, is the lifetime commissions for every customer you refer, which makes this a clear leader in dating affiliate programs. Highly Recommended

Program Type - 2 Tier

1st Tier Commission
- 50% (lifetime commissions)

2nd Tier Commission
- 5% (lifetime commissions)

Ease of Use (Score out of 5)
- 4

Overall Score (out of 5)
- 5

Click here to Join Elenas Models Affiliate Program

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