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Moldovan Women

In this article we take a close look at Moldovan Women. If you're dating a woman who is from Moldova, this will help to give you a good insight into the unique qualities she possesses, as well as some key facts about the country she lives in, and the lifestyle she is used to.

If you're currently single and looking for a partner, we'll also tell you how (and where) to meet women from Moldova.

Why are Moldovan Women looking for husbands abroad?

First of all, it is a myth that all women from Moldova are looking for a husband (and a new life) abroad. In fact, in reality, the number of women who really want to leave Moldova is only a small percentage of their population.

The international dating industry is far less developed in Moldova than in Russia or Ukraine, but it is one of the main nationalities of women that you'll meet at the "Russian" dating agencies.

You might have heard stories about some women who are only looking for money or a ticket to a new life. It's true that these women exist, and perhaps you'll come across one or two during your dating experiences. However, for the most part, the women you are likely to meet are genuine.

In regards to wanting a husband from abroad, there are a couple of main reasons:

1. First, and foremost, Moldovan women are looking for their one true love. Since the introduction of the internet and marriage agencies, men from abroad are simply one option in their search for this true love. This means that they are also looking in their homeland.

2. For some women, their experiences with men in Moldova have not been ideal. Common problems in Moldova occur with domestic violence and alcoholism. Thus, for some women, they are specifically looking for a man from abroad as they have heard (and perhaps had first hand experiences) that foreign men are more caring.

What language do they speak in Moldova?

The official language of Moldova is Moldovan (or Moldovian). This is identical to Romanian, and in reality it's simply another way of saying the official language is Romanian! (To compare the two is like comparing British English with American English.)

The language is written in latin characters, although there were historically cyrillic versions of the Moldovan alphabet.

The Russian language is also widely used in society and it is also an important language for trade purposes. Approximately 15% of people in Moldova speak Russian as their first language, and it would be understood by most people.

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Facts about Moldova

Population - 4.1 million (2008 estimate)

Capital City - Chisinau, also known as Kishinev (Population 600,000)

Main Religion - Orthodox Christian

Main Industries - Agriculture

Economy - Following the end of the Soviet Union, Moldova was (and still is) one of the poorest countries in Europe. Economic reforms in the last decade have aimed towards achieving financial stabilisation and growth.

Transnistria (Also known as Trans-Dniester or Transdniestria) - A disputed region, located mostly in a strip between the Dniester river and Ukraine. The political status of this area remains unresolved. Visitors travelling between Moldova and Ukraine through this region are advised to heed travel warnings. There have been cases of tourists being detained by corrupt officials until they pay an exhorbitant "toll" to pass through this region.

Life Expectancy of Moldovan Women - 71.1

Life Expectancy of Moldovan Men - 63.7

Famous Moldovan Women

Natalia Barbu - Pop singer

Maria Beisu - Opera Singer

Where to Meet Moldovan Women

As previously mentioned, the international dating industry is much less developed in Moldova than in Russian and Ukraine, and this means that you will find fewer girls on the dating sites who are from Moldova. This is partly due to the smaller population in Moldova compared to Russia and Ukraine, but also due to there being less agencies, romance tours and so forth in Moldova. This is a "do-it-yourself" kind of destination!

This could be a good thing, though, if you want to avoid the big cities of Russia and Ukraine where romance tourism is huge.

If you're wanting to meet a Moldovan woman for marriage, there are a few key "rules" you should stick to. Be patient. Use only the reputable dating sites. Be smart and thorough in your dating experiences. And finally... prepare yourself for the language and cultural challenges that you will face.

Moldovan women will compare you to men in their own country. Do you know what you're up against? What will it take for a Moldovan woman to decide that you're the one man for her? The one man for whom she will leave her family, friends and country behind?

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