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Marrying a Russian Man

So, you're marrying a Russian man... or perhaps you're hoping to one day. Well what can you expect??

In this article we look at Russian marriage proposals, Russian weddings, and what to expect in married life with a Russian man.

Russian Marriage Proposals

In Russian society it is certainly the custom for the man to be the one to propose marriage. In case you're not sure what those words will be... Here are the most common ways a Russian man will propose...

Will you marry me? (Male speaker to woman)
Ты выйдешь за меня замуж?
tiy viy-dish' za min-ya za-moozh)

Marry me? (Male speaker to woman)
Выйди за меня замуж?
viy-di za min-ya za-moozh)

Still, there's nothing stopping you from being the one to propose to a Russian man. If you'd like to do that, here's how to say it in Russian...

Will you marry me? (Female speaker to man)
Женись на мне?
(zhi-nees’ na mnye)

To listen to the audio, please click here to visit our vocab page "Will You Marry Me".

A Russian Wedding

Naturally, you've probably got your own ideas of the perfect wedding day. Maybe it's something you've been dreaming of for many years.

Before you decide for sure, have a read of our detailed articles on Russian weddings. There are some really beautiful wedding traditions and it might be a really nice addition to your wedding, especially since you're marrying a Russian man!

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Married Life

So, what can you expect after marrying a Russian man?

First, and foremost, you can expect that marriage to a Russian man will be full of love, passion, intense emotions and hopefully a lifetime of happiness together.

Importantly, Russian relationships are characterised by a strong notion of "togetherness". By this, we mean that Russian couples spend a lot of time together. It is usual for couples to speak to each other many times during the day (during work hours) and to spend evenings and weekends together.

Of course there is still time for the husband and wife to spend time alone with their friends, but in general you will find that Russian couples spend far more time together than can be seen in many modern-day marriages in western cultures.

From your Russian husband, you can expect a man who will work hard to make your life together a happy and successful one. He will have strong desires to have the best house, the best car, and the best of everything that he can possibly provide for his family.

The Key to a Happy Marriage to a Russian Man

The key to marrying a Russian woman is to remember that all relationships are based on love, trust and kindness.

Yes, there will be ups and downs, and being in a relationship where cultural and language differences exists can be tougher than most. But it also could be the one reason why you and your wife experience a unique bond that most men will never get to experience.

To overcome the cultural barrier, you're already off to a good start. Simply by continuing to read about Russian culture and Russian relationships, and preparing yourself for marrying a Russian man, you will be well on the way to a successful marriage.

To help you overcome the language barrier, we've developed the Russian Course for Women. It's the only Russian course designed specifically for women who are dating Russian men. Click here for more information.

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