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Lithuanian Women

In this article we take a close look at Lithuanian Women. If you're dating a woman who is from Lithuania, this will help to give you a good insight into the unique qualities she possesses, as well as some key facts about the country she lives in, and the lifestyle she is used to.

If you're currently single and looking for a partner, we'll also tell you how (and where) to meet women from Lithuania.

About Lithuanian Women

The international dating industry is far less developed in Lithuania than in former Soviet countries such as Russia and Ukraine. It is, however, very possible to meet women from Lithuania, both via online dating and or simply by visiting this easy-going Baltic country.

How do Lithuanian women compare to women from Russia and Ukraine?

These days, only a very small percentage (about 5%) is of Russian ethnicity. However, due to their legacy of being a part of the Soviet Union, Russian culture is certainly intertwined in their history.

As with all of the Baltic countries, you will notice that the lifestyle in Lithuania is very "European". You'll also notice this in St Petersburg, in Russia, and no doubt this has a lot to do with its geographical proximity and the important trade routes that historically came through the Baltic region from Western Europe.

Lithuania is also a highly-developed country, with citizens enjoying a high average income and lifestyle.

What language do they speak in Lithuania?

The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian. This is a Baltic language, based on the Latin alphabet. It also has many linguistic similarities with Slavic languages such as Russian.

Most of the population also speak another language, with English and Russian being the two major second languages. The Russian language is widely understood in Lithuania, and this is primarily due to their legacy of being a part of the Soviet Union.

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Facts about Lithuania

Population - 3.4 million (2009 estimate)

Capital City - Vilnius (Approximate Population 560,000)

Main Religion - Roman Catholicism

Main Industries - Knowledge-based industries such as Biotechnology and IT.

Economy - Lithuania is a member of the European Union (EU), and has a high average income. Following their entry to the EU, Lithuania's economy has continued to grow strongly.

Life Expectancy of Lithuanian Women - 77.8

Life Expectancy of Lithuanian Men - 66.5

Famous Lithuanian Women

Jurga Šeduikytė - Singer and songwriter. Won award for Best Baltic Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007.

Violeta Riaubiškytė - Singer and Television Personality

Violeta Urmana - International Opera Singer

Margarita Drobiazko - Figure Skater

Edita Vilkeviciute - Supermodel (Appeared for major fashion labels, including Victoria's Secret.)

Where to Meet Lithuanian Women

As previously mentioned, the international dating industry is much less developed in Lithuania than in Russian and Ukraine, and this means that you will find fewer girls on the dating sites who are from Lithuania. This is partly due to the smaller population in Lithuania compared to Russia and Ukraine, but also due to there being less agencies, romance tours and so forth in Lithuania.

Lithuania is, however, a very modern, friendly country with a high standard of living. Tourism has boomed in recent times in Luthuania, especially since their entry into the European Union, and it is easy to visit as a "do-it-yourself" tourist.

If you're wanting to meet a Lithuanian woman for marriage, there are a few key "rules" you should stick to. Be patient. Use only the reputable dating sites. Be smart and thorough in your dating experiences. And finally... prepare yourself for the language and cultural challenges that you will face.

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