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How Russian Men Behave in Relationships

In this article, we look at how Russian Men behave in relationships.

Just what can you expect when you're dating a man who is Russian? Well, as mentioned in the article about a typical Russian man, you can expect a lot of generosity.

  • Flowers

Flowers play a very important role in Russian relationships. Russian men often give flowers to their wives, girlfriends, mothers or any woman who is important in their lives. Giving flowers is a simple yet powerful sign of their love, and Russian women are accustomed to receiving flowers from their men.

This happens on special occasions, such as birthdays, Valentine's day, and of course on Women's day. However, flowers are also frequently given on any other normal day! If you visit Russia, or Ukraine, for instance, you will see many places where you can buy flowers at any time of the day or night. It is not uncommon to find flower shops that trade 24-hours a day in some of the bigger cities...!

Also, you should take note that it is common in Russian society for men to receive flowers. Yes, that's not a mis-print... Men in Russia also receive flowers on many occasions such as their birthday, and it is very common.

  • Help with your coat

Russian men assist their wives/girlfriends with their coats. They hold the jacket while she puts her arms in the sleeves, and also assist her to take it off.  They may not always do this when you're at home, but they will always remember to do this for you when you're out in public together.

Russian women like to feel feminine and tender, so they greatly appreciate simple acts of chivalry such as this. This is also how Russian men like to treat their women, especially in public.

  • Car Doors

Russian men always open the passenger door for their wives/girlfriends, and help her into the car first. It is a simple gesture, but it shows that he cares about her safety, and wants to make sure that she is in the car, out of the cold Russian weather, and away from any potential danger.

Naturally, the same applies for opening doors in houses, shops and restaurants, for instance.

  • Public Transport

Russian men give a helping hand to women to get off public transport. Whether it is their wife or girlfriend, (or simply a woman on her own), men in Russia will offer their hand to help her down the stairs and onto the road or platform. It can be very tricky sometimes for a woman, particularly if wearing high heeled shoes. And in such a place where a fall could end in serious injury, Russians see this as not only polite, but common sense.

There is also an unwritten rule that when a man and woman are walking together on the sidewalk, the man should always walk on the side closest to the road. It is simply a matter that if anything should happen, such as a car or bicycle veering off the road, then he would be between the dangerous object and his precious lady!

  • Handyman

The majority of Russian men are gifted in “handyman” duties around the house. Whether it is building things, fixing common household items, or dealing with electrical or plumbing faults, most Russian men will be able to deal with it.

Certainly, when it comes to issues with cars, you would not find Russian men scratching their heads or looking blankly at each other! In Russia, men are able to repair their cars themselves, and there are television programs and magazines dedicated to such things. They know how to take care of the engines, and how to change a flat tire, to name just a couple of things Russian women would expect their men to take care of.

Home renovations are also a common occurrence in Russia, (as in any country), and in fact many Russian couples enjoy doing this in their vacation time. With renovations comes the issue of money, so this is just one reason why many try to do it themselves, and Russian men are quite accomplished in this regard.


Hopefully, these examples above have given you a better idea of how Russian men behave, (and perhaps a little about how Russian men think), in their relationships. For more information about Russian men, please see the specific articles listed below.

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