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Emblem of Russia

The official emblem of Russia is the golden, double-headed eagle, which can be seen on the Russian Coat of Arms.

Emblem of Russia

(image source: http://rf.boom.ru/)

Significance of the Double-headed Eagle

The eagle has been used in symbolism since ancient times, due to its nature as a powerful animal. There are many theories about why the eagle has two heads, and in some civilisations, it was seen as a sign dominance, or control of both the East and the West.

One of the most common interpretations of the two-headed eagle, is of a mythical creature representing Power and Protection. As the official Russian emblem, such a meaning would be highly appropriate in its role as a symbol of nationalistic pride and unity.

Other Russian Emblems

Most countries have other emblems representative of their country, and Russia is no different:

National Animal (Fauna emblem) - The Bear

National Plant (Flora emblem) - Birch Tree, Camomile

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