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Dating Russian Women 5

Dating Russian Women 5 - Part 5 of How to overcome the 7 hurdles in Russian relationships!

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Hurdle #5 when Dating Russian Women - Moving to Meaningful Correspondence

Now that you've found someone that you are genuinely interested in (and who is also genuinely interested in you), it's time to take your correspondence to the next level. For this, you will almost certainly need to start learning Russian (if you haven't done so already), because you can't rely on translators for the rest of your life... right?!

(Follow our guide to the best way to learn Russian to get you started.)

To move to meaningful correspondence, you need to make use of all 3 types of correspondence:

  • Telephone - Depending on the dating service you use, you may need to organise your first call through the agency. Do it. It will cost you, but you need to speak with her on the phone. Be sure to ask for her telephone numbers (home and/or mobile) while you are on that call as well as her email address if you don't have that already. If she won't give you her telephone number then chances are she isn't genuine about getting to know you. Anyone really serious about meeting their potential life-partner will not withhold their contact details.

  • Email - This can be both through the dating service, and directly to each other via email. The main challenge will be the language barrier, but I suggest that it is a very good idea to start emailing each other directly. That way you can start to improve your Russian, and she can improve her English (or whatever your native language happens to be.)

  • Regular "snail" mail - This is a great opportunity to send her letters and photographs so that you don't seem so far away. Up until this point your only contact will have been virtual, or possibly speaking on the telephone, so you can't underestimate what a difference it can make for her to receive your letters, photos, and perhaps some small gifts like flowers. Of course, I do not need to tell you... Do NOT send money! See the anti-scam guide for more detail.

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