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Dating a Russian Woman

Dating a Russian Woman - How to overcome the 7 hurdles in Russian relationships!

So, you're dating a Russian woman... Or maybe you're just thinking about it. You've browsed a few dating sites, and perhaps even exchanged a few letters. Or are you one of the more experienced guys, who has already been to visit a Russian woman? Perhaps you are even married to one right now!

No matter what level of experience you have dating Russian women, you can be sure that sooner or later you will have to face each of the 7 hurdles that stand in the way of you "living happily ever after" with the Russian woman of your dreams!

The good news is that each of the hurdles can be overcome. And on top of that, each of the hurdles is really a blessing in disguise, offering you some invaluable lessons along the way that will help you to love your Russian woman more than ever.

And so, without further ado...

Hurdle #1 when Dating a Russian Woman - The Decision

Do you really want to be with a Russian woman? Sure, they are beautiful, passionate and intelligent. But, are you really ready for a Russian relationship?

Probably the answer is yes, but it's something you need to face. What made you think about dating a Russian woman in the first place? Are you ready for the challenges that holds, not least of which will be the need (yes, the need) to learn the Russian language?

To help you out with hurdle number one, read How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me. You'll gain a full understanding of what Russian women are really like, and how to succeed from the very beginning.


Ok, so you've decided that you do want to try dating a Russian woman. Good decision! Now, it's time to meet the potential candidates.

But first, which site should you join? There are so many Russian dating sites around, it pays to make a good decision here.

 How to choose a good Russian dating site:

  • 1. Don't waste time with sites that are not reputable. The small sites have less women to choose from, more chances of scammers and poorer quality services.

  • 2. Set up a free trial membership with a few of the main sites. Try out their services for free until you decide which one is best for you.

  • 3. Accept that it WILL cost money to correspond with women over the internet. Dating a Russian woman will cost you money. Each site is offering services to you, not least of which is the translation of letters and/or phone calls between you and the women. It will cost money. If you use the reputable sites, you can rest assured that the girls are genuine.

Recommended sites:

Anastasia Date - This is the largest and most professional of all Russian dating sites. Their business is linked with thousands of dating agencies across Russia and the former Soviet countries like Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova. This site gives you access to the most girls, so it is for this reason alone that Anastasia Date is a popular choice for men dating Russian women. Their services are expensive, but very professional. The translation is extremely quick, and in some cases you'll even receive a same-day reply. Phone service is also very professional and helpful, and they have recently introduced live chat, including video chat for girls and agencies where this is possible.  Video is an extremely important part of getting to know the girls, as the profile photos don't always give you a clear indication of what she looks like or how she behaves. All girls on the site are required to go to their agency in person (with all necessary forms of identification) before being allowed to set up a profile, so this is a strong safeguard against scammers. Take your time to correspond with girls who are suitable for you, and make the most of the professional services offered at Anastasia Date.

Click here to set up your FREE profile at Anastasia Date.

Elenas Models - This site has always been the most respected and safest site. There aren't as many girls as Anastasia Date, but you'll notice that the bigger sites have more girls in the 18-22 age bracket. Many of these girls are simply not ready for a serious relationship and are just trying the agency out of interest. If you find a girl at Elenas Models that you like, then you're in luck. Although the services are not as fast and modern as Anastasia Date, Elenas Models is definitely a great place to meet Russian women for marriage.

Click here to set up your FREE profile at Elenas Models.

Russian Cupid - This is a more traditional dating site, as opposed to an agency. Think of a dating site in your own country, and this is what it's like. It's a meeting place. You'll need to be able to speak Russian, or find a girl there who speaks English as this is not an agency service. The advantages of this is that it is cheaper and allows you to meet a wide variety of girls independently. Keep in mind that it's not an agency, so there is more possibility of dating scammers.

Click here to set up your FREE profile at Russian Cupid.

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