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Anastasia International - Review

Hi there,

My name is Steve Galvin. I am the creator of Russian Language for Lovers. This is my personal review of Anastasia Date (also known as Anastasia International, Anastasia Global and Anastasia Web).

I have used this service extensively myself, as well as Elenas Models. I have also used a number of other sites / agencies which I would not recommend, for reasons I will explain below.


Anastasia Date is the premier Russian dating site and has been for some time now. As with all Russian dating services, this agency is not perfect, but in my opinion this is the most professional site, with the fastest services and is the easiest to use.

Anastasia is a business that integrates hundreds of marriage agencies in local cities and towns across Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries. Their website also has an increasing number of Russian women in the USA and other countries around the world.

My personal opinion is that Anastasia is best suited to guys who want to have fun meeting and dating lots of interesting, beautiful women, and going on multiple trips to Russia / Ukraine.


  • Create your own profile complete with photos. (It is free to join and list your profile in their directory)
  • Search and browse ladies' profiles including photos and videos.
  • Email correspondence
  • Telephone correspondence
  • Online chat
  • Video chat
  • Flower and gift delivery
  • Apartment Rental
  • Romance Tours


  • Anastasia operates using a credit system. You pay to purchase credits, which are then used to pay for their services (eg. reading and sending letters, watching ladies' videos, and online chat.)

What I Like

  • Safe - One of the major benefits of using Anastasia Date is that in order for a woman to list her profile on the site, she must go in person to her local agency and provide identification documents verifying who she is. One of the biggest problems with "Russian Dating", and one of the reasons why so many people are sceptical about it, is because there are people known as "scammers". A scammer is someone who creates a profile (it may not even be a woman!), and then engages in email correspondence with men around the world to try and get them to send money. The great thing about Anastasia is that you are assured that these profiles are the real women. 

  • Speed - Anastasia's translation services are the best in the business. Sometimes you can even receive same-day responses from the women you are corresponding with, as the agency staff can correspond directly with the girls via mobile and respond to you straight away if a fast reply is appropriate.

  • Access to personal contact info - Anastasia allows you to swap postal addresses via email, and you can also obtain phone numbers and email addresses of the girls during a phone introduction. Some other websites make it almost impossible for you to obtain personal contact details, and this is a major thing to look for when joining any dating site. If you cannot contact the other person you are simply wasting your time and money.

  • Technology - Anastasia is constantly upgrading their site with the latest technologies, including online chat and video chat. Also, it is very helpful to view video profiles prior to contacting the women, as a video can give you a much better representation of what she looks like and so forth. Sometimes photos can be quite misleading, and it is better to spend a little time and money to watch their video, rather than spend a lot of money on a trip to Russia, only to find that she is nothing like you were expecting from her photos.

  • Another great advantage is that there is a large selection of women to meet and interact with. (Some may see this as a disadvantage as it can be difficult to narrow down your choice!)

What I Don't Like

  • Bulk introduction letters - Anastasia (and many other Russian dating sites) are in the habit of sending you large numbers of introduction letters. This is a common complaint by many guys. The reason they do this, obviously, is because they receive more money every time you read or send letters.
    • My personal advice is to just relax about this, and accept that it is just part of their business. Don't get carried away thinking all of these girls are lusting after you from day one. The important thing with all of this is to remember why you are doing this. Are you looking for girls to date? Are you looking for a marriage partner? And so forth. Focus on what you're really looking for here, and be realistic about the type of woman you are looking for.
    • UPDATE - Anastasia have recently introduced a free first letter, so you are able to open and send 1 letter free to the girls you are interested in. This takes a bit of pressure off the problem of receiving so many introduction letters, since you're not going to lose money by reading and sending the first letter.

  • Age - Ok, this is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you're wanting to get out of your Russian dating experiences. The issue here is that there are many girls in the 18-22 age bracket, which means many of them may not actually be ready for marriage or moving to a new country.
    • The reality of this, as explained to me by my friends in Ukraine, is that all of these girls are looking for love and relationships, just like any other girl in any country around the world. It is an exciting thing for them to meet guys from all around the world who are attracted to them and interested in them, and perhaps one of these guys will be the guy they're looking for. Most of them are also open to that person being from Russia/Ukraine too. In comparison, other sites, like Elenas Models, have fewer younger girls like this because they are a dedicated "marriage agency". The women on a site like Elenas are more likely to have already decided that they are looking for a husband outside of Russia/Ukraine.
    • My advice is to keep reminding yourself what you're really looking for. If you are wanting fun dating experiences and many trips to Ukraine and Russia, then Anastasia is a great agency to meet lots of wonderul women and you will have lots of wonderful experiences. If you are seriously looking a wife to come and live with you, then you'll need to keep that in mind as you choose which girls to correspond with through Anastasia. Perhaps you could try both of these agencies in that case.

  • Expensive - Obviously, Russian dating is not something that can be done cheaply, since trips to Russia / Ukraine, and international phone calls can add up. If you are using Anastasia, it is useful to know in advance that you should be prepared for what expenses you will have as a result of their services. In addition to the cost for correspondence and phone translation, you will also have expenses when you go to Russia/Ukraine, such as the translators who accompany girls to meet you, paying for the meals and transportation of your date, tickets to shows and so forth. Please read our sections about Russian culture and dating to know what is the norm in terms of paying for things in relationships. (Yes - the guy always pays.)

My Best Recommendations for Anastasia Date

As mentioned above, my personal opinion is that Anastasia is best suited to guys who want to have fun meeting and dating lots of interesting, beautiful women, and going on multiple trips to Russia / Ukraine. Whether that is on one of their organized romance tours, or your own individual travel. I personally like to study Russian when I go there, which has the added benefit of introducing you to a whole other group of people - a nice backup if your dates don't go very well!

Have fun with the dating experiences you have. After all, you are travelling to exciting new places, and meeting wonderful new people. These will be experiences you will remember for a lifetime.

My other key tips:

  • Take advantage of their free membership, and free first letters, and also keep an eye out for the specials they often have around Christmas and Valentine's Day for cheaper video chat, etc.
  • Watch their videos (if available) to give you a better idea of what the woman is really like before you contact her.
  • If your initial correspondence is progressing well, ask her for her personal contact info (phone number, etc) in a telephone introduction. This will help you to progress your relationship without having to use a translator all the time. Plus, you'll get a good idea if she's really interested in you or not.
  • Take advantage of the technology available, which now includes online chat, and live video chat. The cost of these services is money well spent to help you decide which girl is most suitable for you, before you pay lots of money to go and visit her.

Click here to visit Anastasia Date.


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