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Russian Language for Lovers eZine - MAY 2008 - It's Easter Time!
April 26, 2008

Ready to Celebrate Easter?!

Welcome to this month's edition of Russian Language for Lovers eZine - your dedicated guide to learning the Russian language for relationships!

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In This Edition:

(1) It's Easter in Russia! - See what's happening and how to wish someone a happy Easter.

(2) What's New? - This month we unveil our free online course for beginners

(3) Coming Soon - Our much anticipated ebook is at the publisher!

(4) How do you say...? - In Vocab this month we look at a great way to compliment your Russian girlfriend.

(5) It's Your Turn - Have your say and be published on the website.

Russian Easter

Sunday the 27th of April marks Easter on the Orthodox Calendar. It is a time of great joy and celebration, and it is time to greet each other with the phrase:

Hristos Voskres!... 'Christ is Alive'!

Russians do not say 'Happy Easter' as such - although you may see it translated this way sometimes (Shchastlivoy Pashi). Rather, they acknowledge the most important aspect of this celebration - that Christ is alive!

When someone says to you "Hristos Voskres!", you should reply with "Vistinu Voskres!", and kiss each other three times on the cheek. It is the tradition! After Easter mass, Russians gather together with family and friends for a celebration meal.

Click here to read more about Russian Easter celebrations, including the painted easter eggs!

New This Month

We are very pleased to announce the recent launch of our free online Russian course for beginners!

It is a 14 lesson course designed for beginners, with additional extras in there especially for those of you dating Russian women. It's free and we hope you will find it very useful!

Click here for Course overview

Coming Soon

It's been months in the planning, but the much-anticipated "How to Lose a Russian Woman... and how NOT to!" is almost here!

We will let you know as soon as it is out... so be sure to keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks!

How do you say...?

This month, in "How do you say...?" we answer the question "How do you say... "You are so special to me"?

Tiy ochen' vazhna dlya menya (tiy O-chin VAZH-na dlya min-YA) = You are very important to me. It carries the same meaning as the english phrase "You are very special to me".

Tiy tak dragotsenna dlya menya (tiy tak dra-ga-TSYE-na dlya min-YA) = You are so precious to me.

Tiy tak doroga mne (tiy tak da-ra-GA mnye) = You are so dear to me.

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Have Your Say

We are currently working on a new section for the site. It will be a fantastic addition and you will be able to have YOUR say!

Keep an eye out... We will be looking for your questions as well as your own stories and tips that can help other visitors to

Well, that's all for this edition!

Until next time... Have fun with your Russian!

Best wishes,

Steve and the Team

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