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Russian for Lovers -, Happy Easter! Say it in Russian inside...
April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!

Welcome to this month's edition of Russian for Lovers - your guide to QUICK success with Russian language and dating! If you like this e-zine, please forward it on a friend and help them learn Russian!

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In This Edition:

(1) What's New? - Free Audio Course now LIVE!

(2) Feature Story - Easter... Russian Style!

(3) Special Guide - How to Speak Good Russian... ULTRA Fast!

Audio Course now LIVE

Listening to audio of a native speaker is one of the most important study techniques to help you speak better Russian in a short amount of time. It's essential to help you understand correct pronunciation and to speak Russian with the proper accent.

This month, we are very pleased to announce that our free online course now includes AUDIO! This is a great addition to the course - one that will definitely help to improve your Russian skills quickly. In addition, we've also added some fantastic vocabulary lessons with audio as well!

Click here to go to the Free online course

Click here for Vocab Lesson 1

Click here for Vocab Lesson 2

Easter... Russian Style!

Easter in Russia is a wonderful celebration - with absolutely nothing to do with chocolate, or the Easter Bunny!! Starting with Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) at the beginning of lent, all the way through to Easter weekend, the main message of Easter in Russia is that of "New Life" - marking the moment of Christ's rising. This is especially obvious with the painting of hard-boiled eggs, a tradition which stems back to ancient times when a red egg was a symbol of life itself.

For a quick audio tutorial on how to say 'Happy Easter' in Russian, click here.

How to Speak Good Russian... ULTRA Fast!

We have just released our brand new Russian Guide for Beginners - How to Speak Good Russian... ULTRA Fast! In this FREE Guide for Beginners... You will be given a clear and simple, step-by-step guide to the best way to learn Russian in the shortest amount of time. You'll then be taken on a short-cut through the intimidating field of Russian Grammar.

The guide is free for our members, so simply click on this link to download your copy now:

Download Free Beginner's Guide

(This is a pdf file, so you'll need adobe on your computer to read it properly. If you don't have adobe, get it free here.)

On Sale Now

The complete guide to Russian relationships...
"Russian Women in Love".

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What others have said about this book...

"Wow. Thank God I read this book when I did! I have been speaking to a very interesting Russian woman for about a week now, and I had some of the exact issues come up that were described in this book... When to begin giving compliments for example! In Canada/USA, if you begin giving compliments too soon you are considered to be weak and puppy-dog-like! Not so in Russia! I was wondering why she kept fishing for my approval and opinions on things she was doing and going to do...

When I say this book is bang on... I do not exaggerate. I read it in one sitting, exhausted though I was, and having done that and knowing what I now know... I would pay double for it and consider myself lucky.

This book is absolutely indispensable... and not only that but it made me realize that some of the qualities of Russian women are exactly what I have always wanted in a woman, subconsciously... incredible! And the flower hints are crucial... It is all crucial!

Thank you for writing this book!" Ian V. (Canada)

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Well, that's all for this edition!

Until next time... on behalf of everyone at, have a wonderful Easter!

Best wishes,

Steve Galvin

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