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RLFL - SEPT 2009 -, it's Knowledge Day in Russia!
September 02, 2009

Russian for Lovers - Sept 2009

Welcome to this month's edition of Russian for Lovers - your guide to QUICK success with Russian language and dating!

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In This Edition:

(1) What's New? - Something for Everyone...

(2) Feature Story - September 1st is Knowledge Day in Russia

(3) Latest Updates - RLFL Survey - Have Your Say

Something for Everyone!

It's been a couple of months since our last edition, and while we have been enjoying a nice mid-year break, we have a couple of great new additions to the site...

*** For the Ladies *** - Finally, we've been able to launch our section for women who are dating Russian men. There are some good articles to help you with Russian dating and to help you understand a little bit more about Russian men. We hope this section is helpful to you, and we also hope that it continues to grow as we receive more of your questions and comments.

In this section we've also added an interactive form, so that you can have your say, and help us to make this a really useful and informative guide for women dating Russian men.

Click here to view our section about dating Russian men.

*** For the Guys *** - Hot off the press! We've just released The Russian Dating Handbook for men dating Russian women! Guys, this is a FREE guide on the best way to approach Russian dating. In response to many emails and queries about how to avoid the common pitfalls of Russian dating, The Russian Dating Handbook shows you how to overcome the 3 major hurdles of Russian dating, so you can succeed with Russian women now.

Click here to download your free copy of The Russian Dating Handbook. (pdf file)

September 1 - Knowledge Day

September 1st is a significant date in Russia. It marks the official start of Autumn/Fall... Which unfortunately means that Summer holidays are over! (I hope you made the most of them!)

Schools and Universities officially start the new year on what is known in Russia as Knowledge Day. It's a day to look forward to for many students, as they return to see friends and continue with their studies.

To mark the occasion, perhaps it's a good opportunity for you to set some new goals for your Russian studies this year. Maybe it's time to buy a new textbook, or enrol in a refresher course. And of course, be sure to make use of the Russian language products here at our site. In the next couple of months we'll be releasing the next of our Audio courses - Russian Vocabulary Essentials, so keep an eye out for that. It will help to boost your vocab and get you speaking better Russian quickly.

RLFL Survey

We thought that Knowledge Day was a good opportunity to ask you what you'd like to see added to our website this year.

In our super-quick survey, let us know how we can improve, and what information and products you'd like to have access to. The sooner we know what you want, the sooner we can get it for you, and help you to get the results that you really want.

Click here to fill in our super-quick survey!

Well, that's all for this edition!

On behalf of everyone at, happy Knowledge Day... and good luck with your Russian!

Best wishes,

Steve Galvin

Ps. We'd love to hear from you... If you have a question or comment, visit us online at

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