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Russian Language for Lovers - DECEMBER 2008 - Christmas... Russian Style!
December 18, 2008

Christmas... Russian Style!

Welcome to this month's edition of the Russian Language for Lovers - your dedicated guide to learning Russian! If you like this e-zine, please forward it on a friend and help them learn Russian!

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In This Edition:

(1) Feature Story - How to Celebrate Christmas... Russian Style!

(2) What's New? - Updates from the website this month

(3) How do you say...? - In Vocab this month we look at how to say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year"

(4) It's Your Turn - Have your say and be published on the website.

(5) Coming Soon - Work has started on our audio and video tutorials

Christmas... Russian Style!

Russian Christmas is celebrated on the Orthodox Calendar, which means it is the 7th of January! So, keep this in mind! If you are in a relationship with a Russian woman or man, you can celebrate twice... once on the 25th of December, and again in January!

To see how Russians celebrate Christmas, click here to read this month's feature story in full.

New This Month

This month we are pleased to announce the launch of our Russian Dating Information Headquarters. With articles, information and tips for Russian dating, plus an interactive section where you can have YOUR say!

Click here to go to Russian Dating HQ or click on the individual articles below:

Why are Russian women looking for husbands abroad?

Dating a Russian Woman - How to overcome the 7 hurdles in Russian relationships.

On Sale Now

The complete guide to Russian relationships... "Russian Women in Love" is on sale now.

Click here for a peak at what's inside.

How do you say...?

This month, in "How do you say...?" we answer the question How do you say "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year"? (Note - due to different browser and email configurations, all vocab is written using latin characters rather than cyrillic).

S Rozhdestvom Xristoviym (s razh-DYE-stvam hri-STO-viym) = Merry Christmas!

S Noviym Godom (s NO-viym Go-dam) = Happy New Year!

If you've got a "How do you say..." question, send one to us by using the contact us form on the website.

Have Your Say

Have you got a question or a story of your own? In our new Russian Dating section, we have just installed a user-interactive section where you can have YOUR say!

Ask us a question, or add your own advice from your own experiences in Russian relationships. Together we can help to provide more of the information that you, and others like you, are searching for.

Click here to go to the new interactive Russian dating section.

Coming Soon

Work has started on our audio and video tutorials. Due out early in 2009, these guides will help to improve your Russian by hearing how the language sounds when spoken by a native.

If you have any thoughts or special requests for information you'd like to see added to our language guides click here to send us your comments.

Well, that's all for this edition!

Until next time... on behalf of everyone at, have a wonderful festive season and may your 2009 be full of love, health and happiness!

Best wishes,

Steve Galvin

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